Speaking to media at the launch attended by HRO, Ryan Goh, VP and GM, Zebra Technologies APAC shared about the decision to launch an expanded office amid uncertain times, how the firm attracts R&D talent and more.

Zebra Technologies Corporation yesterday opened its expanded Asia Pacific (APAC) headquarters in Singapore.

The nearly 21,000 square foot space at Frasers Tower is home to Zebra’s regional functions such as sales and operations, marketing, finance, legal and specialist roles.

The new space also incorporates advanced facilities including:

Zebra’s Research and Development (R&D) Center focusing on printer innovations
The centre has developed some of Zebra’s global printer innovation locally, including the colour touch-screen panels for its ZT series of printers. Additionally, the centre provides opportunities for local Zebra team members to learn from its innovative practices.

A new Global Enablement Center (GEC)
A Center of Excellence built to advance the adoption of Zebra solutions and services by customers and partners through Sales Enablement & Learning

The largest Zebra Experience Center (ZEC) in APAC
A leading resource that helps businesses understand how they can undergo digital transformation in a world-class interactive experience.

"Zebra spends about 10% of our global revenue on R&D to empower the front line of enterprises with the latest technological solutions. This includes the development of our new R&D centre in Singapore," said Ryan Goh, Vice President and General Manager, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific.

"We have also introduced other advanced facilities to offer a world-class resource for our customers, partners, and key stakeholders to educate them on Zebra’s cutting-edge technology. By sharing our technology and expertise, Zebra will help Singapore enterprises gain a competitive advantage by enhancing their efficiency, accuracy and productivity," Goh added.

Speaking to media at the launch attended by Human Resources Online, Goh shared about the decision to launch an expanded office amid uncertain times, agility being a Zebra culture, how the firm attracts R&D talent and more. 

On the decision to expand the office amid uncertain times and reason for investing in the APAC HQ in Singapore, Goh said: "When we invest, we look at the long-term horizon. Asia Pacific is a very important market for Zebra - it's a market we're constantly looking to grow.

"Singapore has a business-friendly investment environment, and the country is a very safe place that is well-supported. It's also got the right talent and people to do the high-skill jobs we look to hire for. Hence, we decided to continue investing in Singapore where we have been for many years."

With significant investment being made into R&D, and innovation of new products requiring employees to be agile, Goh noted that agility is a Zebra culture.

With an employee survey showing that staff at Zebra value the flexibility of working from home and outside the office, the expanded APAC HQ was designed with 40% of the capacity being for hot-desking.

Due to this, when the pandemic hit, the firm had little to no trouble transitioning to a work-from-home arrangement quickly. Goh shared how the team was able to quickly implement safe distancing measures, adjust existing plans by moving seminars and sales kickoffs to a virtual platform, as well as come up with innovative new ways of working.

This fast transition serves as a testament to the agile culture at the firm, Goh said. He added: "The ability to move from one model to another is what agility is all about. It's very positive and shows that every Zebra employee here breathes and lives agility and innovation."

Given the steep competition for skilled R&D and engineering talent, one of the ways in which Zebra tries to attract talent is by having a non-traditional office setup.

"We notice that our new R&D talent are increasingly getting younger with a different expectation of the workplace. With R&D being about collaboration, we wanted to create a lot of collaborative spaces throughout the office, instead of having the traditional cubicle set-up. This is just one of the ways we try to attract local tech talent," Goh shared.

He added that Zebra has had a long history of innovation, and while the innovation may not be the most visible, it has a direct impact on the society (for instance, in the logistics and healthcare industry). "When we go out to hire, this impact on society is one of the values we highlight and we think that would resonate with people who would want to make a difference in the world."

Wrapping up the session with a vision of the APAC HQ moving forward, Goh said: "The Zebra HQ here in Singapore has long been the regional HQ. We continue to believe that Singapore and the HQ here would continue to play a key role in our vision and expansion throughout the Asia Pacific, by leveraging the investment environment and friendly business environment here."

The official launch of Zebra’s expanded APAC headquarters comes as Singapore embarks on Phase 3 of its economy reopening.

Zebra works closely with its ecosystem of over 10,000 partners in 45 countries to deliver industry-tailored, comprehensive solutions to enterprises of varying sizes, including small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) based on their needs.

The facilities at Zebra’s expanded APAC headquarters will be an invaluable resource for Zebra and its partners in this region as they jointly tackle the business challenges faced by enterprises in this part of the world.

Photo / Provided

  • Photo caption: Guest-of-honor, Low Yen Ling, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth, officiating the opening of Zebra Technologies’ APAC HQ Launch, alongside Ryan Goh, Vice President and General Manager, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific. 
  • From left to right: Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth, Ryan Goh, Vice President and General Manager, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific

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