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These individuals may use the PLS@Xpats for 30 days to ensure emergency and critical works are being carried out immediately.

The Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) has allowed entry of foreign professionals on a Social Visit Pass (PLS), or PLS@Xpats, in the event that these professionals are urgently required to carry out critical tasks.

Announcing this on Tuesday (4 October 2022), JIM said it recognises the need among local companies and international companies (MNCs) that require foreign professionals to carry out critical work. These include machine repairing in factories, electrical power experiencing damage, failing ICT systems' function, and testing and commissioning work before the relevant assets and facilities are allowed to operate. JIM affirmed that these foreign experts are urgently needed so that the company's operations and productivity are not affected, and national interests are always preserved.

As such, foreign professionals may use the PLS@Xpats for 30 days to ensure emergency and critical works are being carried out immediately.

Companies can submit an application through the online immigration system here. Approval will be granted online within three working days. At the same time, foreign nationals who need a visa can apply for a Malaysian Visa online through the e-Visa system.

Application guidelines

The guidelines for PLS@Xpats are as follows.

Application process

  1. Applications should be made by the employer/company or sponsor.
  2. Applications should be made online.
  3. Applicants are required to provide the following documents:
    1. Official application/invitation letter from employer;
    2. All pages of the applicant’s passport (validity period of six months and above);
    3. SSM e-info;
    4. Working schedule & Job description;
    5. Confirmed flight ticket (ETA & ETD);
    6. Other relevant documents (if any).;
      • All documents must be uploaded in PDF format, not exceeding 250kb each
  4. The timeline approval by the DGIM is three working days from the date of the application submission.
  5. Applicants must not be in, or arriving from, other parts of Malaysia when the application is made by the employer/company or sponsor.
  6. The Application will be rejected if the applicant fails to provide all the required as stated documents above.

Before entry into Malaysia

  1. For citizens of a country who are required to apply for a visa prior to entry into Malaysia, they are required to obtain Visa Without Reference (VTR) at the Embassy / High Commission/ Consulate General of Malaysia; OR
  2. Visa applications can be made online for an electronic visa (eVisa).
  3. Applicants who fail to obtain a visa prior to entry to Malaysia will be denied entry.
  4. Citizens who require a visa prior to entry to Malaysia but fail to do so will result in being denied entry to Malaysia. The applicant will be repatriated to the country of origin or residing country, and a 'Not To Land' (NTL) Notice will be issued.
  5. Applicants are not allowed to bring their dependants.

Arrival in Malaysia

Upon arrival in Malaysia, applicants are to comply with the following procedures:

  1. Applicants must present their passport and PLS@XPATS approval during immigration clearance at the point of entry;
  2. All applicants are subjected to current immigration procedures, rules, and regulations during immigration clearance at the point of entry. Failure to comply will result in being denied entry.
  3. Permitted entry points into Malaysia:
    • Authorised entry points of Malaysia.

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