Dr Huma Durrani, Psychotherapist/ Author, Coloured Canvas


The exponential increase in mental health illness during and post-pandemic has made people rethink and re-prioritise their lives.

HRO's Jenette Del Mundo, reaches out to Dr Huma Durrani, Psychotherapist/ Author, Coloured Canvas, to understand why companies must prioritise mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Durrani espouses an eclectic theoretical and practical stance aimed at addressing client-specific needs that may be psycho-emotional, behavioural or developmental in nature. She deals with a wide range of issues ranging from anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-esteem, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and learning differences amongst others.

She will be speaking at the upcoming National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2022 (NCPC 2022) on 29-30 November 2022 on the topic 'Sensory-based relational art therapy approach: Supporting psycho-emotional needs in children with autism'.

Interview excerpts below: 

Q Why it is important for companies to prioritise mental health and wellbeing in today’s workplace environment, or risk losing out on the best talent?

The exponential increase in mental health illness during and post-pandemic has made people rethink and re-prioritise their lives. The realisation that mental illness does not discriminate will impact career and life decisions for many, especially those in a position to choose.

Q How can companies take a holistic approach to promoting mental health in the workplace? What are we currently getting wrong that we need to improve upon?

Mental wellbeing cannot be addressed by a couple of workshops/retreats per year; it is about creating a culture within the workplace that is flexible, inclusive and empathetic.

There should be spaces within the workplace for creativity and relaxation and opportunities for conversations about stigmatised topics.

Q Could you share examples of high-impact mental health interventions you've experienced, and how they have made significant changes?

Expressive therapy interventions such as art therapy are impactful and fun at the same time. They facilitate inner expression and self-reflection in a non-confrontational way. Art-making taps into deep emotional content that may not be accessible to words. It brings to the surface issues that may be difficult to verbalise.

Q Finally, please share with us some tips for leaders and employees to protect their mental health and wellbeing at work

Seeking help for mental health issues does not make one a lesser individual, in fact, it is a reflection of a progressive, responsible and courageous mindset.

Restart, recharge, reconnect at the fourth annual National Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference (NCPC 2022), a wellbeing conference dedicated to topics such as innovations in mental healthcare, mindfulness-centred practice, couples’ goals and staying connected post-pandemic, art therapy and children with special needs, and more. Find out how you can attend here.

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