It was a heartwarming sight for many of us, seeing US vice-president in waiting Kamala Harris kicking off the US election victory speech ahead of US president-elect Joe Biden last week.

Not only is she the first black woman but also the first person of Indian descent to be elected to the second highest position in the United States – well and truly shattering the glass ceiling.

However, it is still important to remember that women still lag consistently behind men when it comes to pay. According to just-published British research from Merchant Machine, although women work (on average) fewer hours per week than men – often due to commitments outside the office – when they work the same hours, women earn significantly less.

“The finance and insurance industry showed the biggest discrepancies between men and women’s pay,” the report states.

“The median hours worked per year came in at 1820 per year (35 per week) for both genders in the industry and yet men earned just over £20,000 (HK$205,000) more per year than women. On an hourly basis, this means that women in the finance and insurance industry could be earning around £8.41 (HK$86) less per hour than males in those industries.”

Here’s a chart of salaries for men and women across industries.